Citicore Renewable Energy Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Citicore Power Inc. ("Citicore"), which provides energy solutions through its solar and hydropower generation plants strategically located across the country.


CREC is the first AgroSolar-Social renewable energy generating company in the Philippines which harnesses responsibly our sun and land resources through its pioneering Agrivoltaic technology, providing additional livelihood to the community and maximizing shareholder value.


Through the Agrivoltaic technology, we integrate solar power generation with agricultural crop production to provide positive energy and alternative yet sustainable livelihood to small farmers.


The AgroSolar-Social initiative ensures that our host communities are not displaced by the race for renewable energy but rather empowered as they remain integral to the country's economic growth and development.


Citicore is set to join the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) market through its wholly-owned subsidiary and sponsor, Citicore Renewable Energy Corp. (CREC). CREC is one of the country’s leading players in the renewable energy space and the first and only vertically integrated renewable energy company in the Philippines, encompassing pre-development, development, construction and operation and maintenance of solar power plants.


Through the CREC-sponsored Citicore Energy REIT Corporation (C-REIT), Citicore will unveil the country’s first energy REIT, offering an alternative and attractive asset class that operates in a crisis-proof industry.

Today, Citicore is one of the leading players in the local solar energy space with a combined generating installed capacity of 163 Megawatts with more than 200 Megawatts of various RE projects under advance development.


Our fully-integrated platform allows us to design, develop, construct, install, operate, and maintain solar plants to offer speed-to-market and efficient energy solutions. Our in-house expertise and our ability has been well demonstrated over 6 years of solid track record of quick delivery, efficient execution and world-class plant operation.


Since it started operations, Citicore already generated a total of 1.077 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy, equivalent to 763,200 metric tons of reduced carbon emission.


Over the next 5 years, Citicore has lined up a robust pipeline of projects to generate 1.5 Gigawatts of positive energy, further securing its leadership as a renewable energy company.