Citicore Biomass Corporation is the corporate vehicle of Citicore in biomass related businesses.


Citicore Candlewick Plantations, Inc (CCPI) is a joint venture company between Citicore Biomass Corporation. and Candlewick Green Canopy International Corporation. CCPI is the joint venture partner of Candlewick in sustainable biomass plantation.


Citicore manages three woody biomass plantations under incubation in Negros Occidental and aims to deliver sustainable bio-fuels for power generation for domestic and international consumption.


Once matured and harvested, these will be processed into wood chips and pellets and converted to potent yet replaceable bio-fuels for sale to local consumers and international customers in Japan and Korea, initially.


Over the long term, we aim to expand this segment by investing in the development and reforestation of large-scale denuded lands across the Philippines. By partnering with indigenous communities, we seed positive energy to empower these cultural minorities towards a bright future, providing a source of sustainable livelihood through plantation maintenance and crop harvesting.


Citicore Power, Inc. is one of the Leading pure renewable energy and water solutions company in the Philippines with operating Solar Energy Assets, Water Utility and Biomass Plantations.


Candlewick Green Canopy International Corporation is a renewable energy corporation with expertise in Biomass plantations. It is a pioneer in mass reforestation of degraded lands utilizing the economic support structure of international energy market demand for biomass