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Harnessing Natural Resources and Empowering Communities.


Citicore Power Inc. (“Citicore”) is a Community-Focused Renewable Energy Company that responsibly harnesses nature’s resources to fuel long term value and empower Filipino communities through innovative renewable energy systems, delivering Positive Energy to all.


Backed by Citicore Holdings Investments, Inc., the same group behind the country’s leading construction and infrastructure innovator, Megawide Construction Corporation, Citicore prides itself of being a progressive energy and solutions partner, enriching lives and empowering communities for a sustainable and net-zero carbon future.


Citicore’s list of leading industrial and commercial customers is a testimony of its ability in providing reliable renewable energy and water solutions that incorporate world class quality and safety practices.


Our well-balanced and synergistic portfolio of businesses includes Renewable Energy Solutions - from Solar and Hydro Power Generation, Plantations for Biomass Energy, and Water Utility Distribution facilities.


We are a vertically-integrated renewable energy company that provides end-to-end solutions across the entire value chain, from pre-development, development, construction, up to Operations and Maintenance.


At the heart of Citicore is the commitment to uplift the lives of the communities we serve, provide long term value to all our stakeholders by offering them not just environmentally-friendly solutions, but agriculturally-beneficial and socially-responsible technologies and methodologies through our pioneering AgroSolar-Social platform.


The company is managed by a strong and competent of team, with decades of experience in the Philippine power sector to ensure Citicore’s success in achieving its strategic goals and business objectives. Through the combination of industry expertise, financial stability, and a unique value proposition, supported by a committed group of shareholders, Citicore is on track to further securing its leadership as a renewable energy company.

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Harness responsibly nature's resources to fuel long-term value to our Filipino communities and stakeholders.

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Empowered Filipino Communities Through Positive Energy

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  • Community Upliftment
  • Stewardship for Environment
  • Innovation for Excellence
  • Sustainable Investment